Open a new tab, close the door on

WHAT'S GREEN NEW TAB? A browser extension that raises money for the environment every time you open a new tab, for free.

Why? Because citywide closures due to COVID-19 have devastated the arts at every level. Exhibition and performance spaces have shuttered indefinitely. Creative workers have seen their livelihoods disappear. 

With Contemporary Tab, we want to change that. Simply add it to your browser and every time you open a new tab, you support the creative scene in this difficult time, for free. By harnessing people’s searches, together we can raise money for museums, galleries, and creators from all disciplines.

You’ve never seen a tab do this

Green New Tab is more than just a tab. It lets you select the causes you care about and gives you full transparency on how money has been spent. From project information to real-time impact data, it provides you with updates on every cause. 

Join us for the love of tabs earth

The more people use Green New Tab, the more money we'll raise for the environment. That's why Green New Tab lets you invite your family and friends, and tracks how your collective impact is making a difference! Join us to start a movement!

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