Support climate projects,
for free.

Help independent museums, galleries, art organizations, and cultural workers go through the pandemic and beyond.

You no longer need money to save the earth. All you have to do is open a new tab.

As in all times of crisis, we believe that people come together to support in whatever ways they can. Art lovers from all over the world want to take action but many of them feel insecure about their personal financial situation too.


With Contemporary Tab, you no longer need money to support workers and organizations from the cultural sector. You just have to open a new tab and voila, you’re already helping them to pay for their rent, bills, and salaries. And most importantly, you're showing them that they're not alone in this. 

Earth over profit

Here's a crazy idea: What if we use online advertising not for shareholder return but for social impact? If the pandemic showed us anything, it's that the system we designed (read: the super-rich are getting even richer) is an ugly phenomenon and it’s also economically and socially destructive.


And don't get us wrong, we know revenue growth is important. It's just that we measure our success with the number of people, organizations, and social causes supported.