What's Contemporary Tab's mission?

The coronavirus pandemic has shredded the schedule of all organizations and workers in the arts and cultural sector, silencing their voice and draining their savings accounts. And as we quarantined inside our homes, the importance of communities had come back into full focus. We believe that, as in all times of crisis, people are willing to come together to support in whatever ways they can. With Contemporary Tab, we want to bring them all in one place and create a powerful movement to save the arts by supporting them financially, during those difficult times and beyond.

Where does my money go?

As they say in corporate presentations: That's a very good question, thank you! 80% of the profit we make from serving search ads is allocated to different art projects and organizations all over the world. Those are divided into four impact areas: Music, Performance Art, Publishing, and Fine Art. Once you choose an impact area you want to support, you can see the causes you raise money for when you open a new tab, under the Your Fundraisers section. There, you can also read more about the art projects and organizations themselves. We also use 20% of the profit for accounting and cloud-based solutions fees. If you have more questions around this topic, please feel free to contact us. Once we launch the tab, we plan to publish financial reports every three months on our website as we really want to be as transparent as possible.

What's Contemporary Tab?

Contemporary Tab is a browser extension that helps you raise money for arts and culture every time you open a new tab. We're working hard on launching it as soon as possible and once that happens, you can download it from the Chrome web store and install it for free, with just a few clicks. To get early access to Contemporary Tab, you can sign up to our newsletter and we'll send you the link.

Who is behind Contemporary Tab?

We are a collective of artists, nonprofit and cultural workers who initiated Contemporary Tab in January 2021 as a reaction to the pandemic. Pizza, respect, and love for everything arts and culture are the things that tie us together.

Are you a nonprofit?

Yes. We believe that this is the only way to prioritize people over profit.

How does Contemporary Tab work?

After you add Contemporary Tab to your browser, we start showing you advertisements every time you open a new tab. We use the income from those display ads to support art and cultural organizations that are struggling to pay their rent, bills, and salaries because of the consequences of the pandemic. You can choose to support one of four impact areas: Music, Performance Art, Publishing, or Fine Art. We provide you with updates on your causes regularly and you get full transparency on how much money has been raised and spent, with detailed project information, interviews, video portraits, and impact data.


How do you choose causes?

This process is twofold: 1) Our team scans the internet to find interesting art projects and organizations that represent geographically different parts of the world and are in need of support, and 2) we receive submissions from art projects and organizations. In both cases, we review everything with the help of an independent jury. To be eligible, an art project or organization must prove, in one way or another, that they:

  • Have demonstrated and sustained commitment to their work, career, and a public audience;
  • Have experienced financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Are not an employee or immediate family member of the Contemporary Tab initiators, jury, or advisors;
  • Have not previously been awarded a relief grant from Contemporary Tab.

Can I submit a cause?

Yes, you can! To do so, simply send us an email. Alternatively, you can also submit an art project or organization through your Profile Menu once you have installed our browser extension. Please note that we have a limited team capacity and we review new submissions once every month (read: we're a bit overwhelmed right now, but will get back to you for sure; just allow us some time).

How do you decide the amount of money you donate to a particular cause?

On one hand, we take into account the financial needs of the art projects and organizations we're working with. Sometimes, they come to us with a specific donation ask (for example, €3,000 that will help them pay for the digitalization of their museum's collection). On the other hand, we usually have a pretty good idea of how much money we're going to raise for the next month. That said, if art projects and organizations are able to prove their financial need and we can support them, we'll give them the whole amount of the donation ask, but we also have the right to allocate smaller funds.

Why don't you support financially individual artists?

We really want to and we're currently working on a solution to that, but here's the thing: It's pretty difficult to evaluate the financial needs of different artists because some of them live in New York, others in Bucharest and their rent and day-to-day expenses differ enormously. So, first, it takes a lot of time and effort to evaluate this and as a small team, we still can't afford it. But most importantly, we don't want to give different grants to different artists because we think there's something wrong with that: We want to treat all artists equally.